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Hair Product Links : For us to tell you of the wonderful features and benefits of Paul Mitchell Products...... I know we would forget or leave something out. They are OUTSTANDING products that is why we use them. Follow the links on this page and browse through the professional review of each product. Remember that products sold in a salon are professionally recommended to YOU. They are guaranteed and this salon stands behind the quality and performance of your PAUL MITCHELL purchase.




Fast Form Cream Gel & Hot Off The Press

Fast Form®
Cream Gel

Why You’ll Love It:
Tames All Textures – Soothing shea butter, evening primrose, avocado
  and jojoba oils create sensational slip and leave even the most rebellious
  locks shiny and manageable
Incredible Memory – Use on wet or dry hair for clean detail and
  long-lasting flexible hold that keeps your style right where you want it
Faster Drying – Save precious minutes and get out the door faster thanks
  to reduced styling and drying time

Hot Off The Press®
Thermal Protection Spray

Why You’ll Love It:

Thermal Defense – Rice hull extract builds a weightless barrier between
  fragile strands and damaging heat tools, while wheat proteins deliver an
  extra dose of strength
Versatile Hold – The multi-purpose formula grips and controls during
  heat styling and provides flexible hold for finished styles 
Faster Styling – Quick drying, humidity resistant spray adds elastic
  shape memory for effortless curls or smoothing with a hot iron















It’s time to get real about the professional salon products you see at mass retailers, grocery stores, drug stores, swap meets and on the internet. It may look like genuine product, but it's actually diverted and it could be old, stolen, counterfeit or tampered with.

Get Real FAQs

What is diversion?
Diversion is product being sold outside of its authorized chain of distribution.

Is diversion illegal?
Not technically. When diversion happens, there are breaches in contracts that occur but it is not illegal—we cannot go into retail stores and forcibly remove our product from the shelf.

How do drugstores, grocery stores and discount stores get Paul Mitchell product?
The product in mass retailers does not come from the manufacturer. There are wholesalers that supply those stores who are not affiliated with John Paul Mitchell Systems. Those same wholesalers go to great lengths to obtain product to sell to mass retailers. But, since it didn't come from us you can't be sure it is the real thing.

Is the salon product I buy at a grocery store, drugstore or on the internet the real thing?
Maybe, maybe not. The products found in grocery stores, drug stores or on the internet are either diverted, stolen, old, tampered with or counterfeit. The only way to guarantee professional salon product is genuine is to buy it at a professional hair salon or beauty supply where professional salon services are offered.

Is it safe to use these products?
It’s difficult to say. Independent lab tests conducted by FOX News on bottles purchased from a variety of mass retailers and grocery stores found enough bacteria that would make the user sick enough to require medical attention.

Are the products guaranteed?
John Paul Mitchell Systems only guarantees its products when purchased from a professional hairdresser or hair salon.

Aren’t the products more expensive in a salon?
Product at unauthorized outlets can cost up to twice as much as it would if you bought it at a salon. Get the real deal, not a bogus steal—only buy professional salon product from a hair salon, barber shop or beauty supply that offers professional salon services.

Where should I purchase Paul Mitchell products?
Only in a professional hair salon, barber shop or beauty supply where they perform professional salon services.

What can I do to fight diversion?
Purchase professional salon products only from a professional hair salon. Tell your friends about what you learned on this web site.

What should I do if I have already purchased a Paul Mitchell product from a mass market retailer?
We strongly recommend that you return the product and get a refund—products purchased outside of a professional salon are not guaranteed and and can be old, diverted, stolen, tampered with or counterfeit.



Express Ion Curl 1.0

1” Aluminum Curling Iron
It's About Time
Curl up, make waves and form fabulous ringlets fast with the
Express Ion Curl™ 1.0. The unique Express Ion Complex™ heats hair gently and quickly from the inside out for smooth, hydrated curls without static or flyaways. High-tech features like a ceramic heater and digital temperature control ensure even heat distribution for bouncy, twisty tendrils that last.

Key Benefits
Beautiful Curls - Express Ion Complex blend of silicone and ceramic heats hair quickly and gently from the inside out, leaving locks hydrated, conditioned and frizz-free
Even Heat Distribution and Retention - Ceramic heater and aluminum barrel form a superior heat delivery system that prevents cold spots for faster curls
Easy to Use - Advanced features such as a digital temperature control, locking button and finger grip make the Express Ion Curl 1.0 a cinch to use and handle

• Express Ion Complex is infused in the barrel for perfect, shiny curls
• Ceramic heater provides even heat distribution
• Digital LCD temperature control
• 1-inch aluminum barrel for longer heat retention
• Self-lock button to keep the heat where you want it
• Insulated finger and thumb grip ensures comfort and total control
• 9-foot swivel cord
• 1 year warranty from date of purchase
• RoHS certified*


Get Real



















We are Proud to a PAUL MITCHELL FOCUS Salons in the Eureka area. The bonus to YOU is that we are some of the FIRST to recieve the latest Color trends from the ARTISTS that are creating the color movement NOW! By being focused on a professional product line we HAVE the knowledge of the how and the what of the product you need.

I Thank You for the Trust that you have placed in ME to use and bring the best products, services, and staff to YOU.

Christy & Bill Casey













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